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Metal Grinder With Trippy Magic Mushrooms Design

Metal Grinder With Trippy Magic Mushrooms Design

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Get ready for the ultimate "herb"-grinding experience with our high-quality metal grinder, a work of art that'll revolutionize your sessions. Crafted with laser-engraved brilliance, it's both a tool and a statement.

Its 4-piece, 3-chamber design handles grinding, storage, and filtration like a pro. Plus, a mini-scraper sweetens the deal. A magnetic seal and Polymer O-Ring ensure secure, leak-proof storage while on the move.

Featuring "Lion's Tooth" diamond teeth for a perfect grind, precise holes for optimal results, and strong neodymium magnets for security. It even has a micro-mesh screen and mini-scraper. Compact at 40MM and built with durable aluminum alloy.

Elevate your herb game; it's not just a grinder; it's an experience! 🔥🌿

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